Bird Collection


Red/Purple/Blue Hummingbirds

What would our life be like without the beautiful world of birds, exciting us with their stunning songs and colorful feathers? Enough reason to devote more time to these amazing creatures.

Hummingbirds fascinate with their blaze of color and diversity. The color and shape as well the structure of the feathering has been interpreted while using high-quality glass combined with millions of years old unique rocks (precious/natural stones and petrified materials) – a symbiosis resulting in unsurpassed beauty.

Bee Eater

Shown at many International Exhibitions over the past 4 years, this outstanding sculpture is a masterpiece by itself.

Finest optical crystal shaped in different angles and seamless combined generating a visual reflection of light on the birds back. The smooth colors of the more than 65 million years old petrified swamp harmonize perfectly with the other exquisite materials chosen (black obsidian, yellow obsidian, rock crystal, orange crystal)

Sculpture of bee eater

Bee eater birds are an inspiration for me same as the hummingbirds. The way they act and live as well as the play of colors of their feather dress motivated me to create a unique sculpture using extra ordinary hiqh valuable materials.

Aside from these beautiful sculptures, I also create unique sculptures of falcons, eagles and other wonderful birds.

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