Dining room

Florida Westcoast

General Data

USA, Florida


Finest optical crystal
crystal in various blue colors
crystalline blue calcite (Brazil)
fine brushed stainless steel

Dining Room and Kitchen Interior Design by Florian Schluifer

Modern Aesthetic and Functional Dimmable Kitchen Concept by FS.

Florida, West Coast. Waves of silence and sparkling reflections of the sunlight turn the Gulf of Mexico into a musical of senses. Thousands of fanciful diamonds seem to be dancing on the waves to the sound of the ocean. In the interplay with the sky, the water shows an impressive variety of all kinds of blue hues depending on the weather. This wonderful scenery triggered the idea for the interior design of this exclusive chalet.

The elegant, modern kitchen and dining area as part of the main living room with spectacular sea view are a perfect symbiosis of function, architecture, and art.

Details of the blue part in the dining table of the project "Florida Westcoast"

Beautiful functional interior design.

Shell on a kitchen counter made of glass and stone for the project "Florida Westcoast"
Florida Westcoast Dining Room shining in blue light due to installed LEDs

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