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Austria, St. Johann in Tirol


Optical Crystal
Grigio Carnico Segments
Calacata Marble

Explore the latest architectural and interior design products such as wash basins and facade elements made from high quality exclusive materials.

These high-quality interior design pieces are an extraordinary highlight and give a special touch to the overall room from Kirchmair.

Wash basin out of dark-gray and white marble

Carefully selected materials crafted into a unique experience.

Bathroom countertop and sink made out of a beautiful Grigio Carnico, a limestone from the carnic alps, brushed and polished. The sink is layered with stone and glass, satin finish on the outside.

Unique aesthetics and unlimited functionality.

Artistic version of a vessel sink in shape of an abstract leaf. Countertop, sink and mirror made out of a Calacata Marble, combined with a special developed crystal-epoxy-compound with sparkling rare earth metals.

Leaf-shaped sink with a pink glass border

Newly designed facade elements for interior as well as exterior areas. Outstanding raw material of serpentine from the Austrian Alps (Mining area 2000m asl). Bookmatch elements with various surfaces (saw-lines, bush hammered, satin-finish, polished) with integrated LED light.

Surface, structure, design, material, special light weight solutions etc. can be customized in any direction. My technique of design facade elements can be perfectly used for entrance areas, interior walls, bathrooms, table base, and much more.

Dark gray facade element for our partner Kirchmair

Each individual element gives the room its final touch.

The uniqueness of the each and every individual elements makes the entire room an exclusive experience. Despite the differences in their nature, the individual pieces harmonize perfectly with each other.

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