Bar table

Old Chicago

General Data

USA, Chicago, Trump Tower


Colored Crystal
Rough Sculptured Rock Crystal
Petrified Woods and Gemstones
Stainless Steel + dimmable LED

Essential part of the architectural style of this room.

Chicago‘s nightlife is as magnificent and eventful as “Old Chicago bar table”. People from all over the world get together in this prestigious metropolis. Therefore the idea arose to integrate a worldwide variety of materials into this unique project. Every piece has its own individuality and meaning. The most beautiful treasures from around the planet are telling their stories through this architectural piece of art.

Worldwide variety of materials.

Rum and Whiskey color crystal, rough sculpted Rock crystal (Austrian Alps) as well Obsidian (volcanic glass), petrified woods and gemstones (approx. 35-110 million yearsss old) from the areas of North Siberia toPatagonia. Special, seamless material compound. Base: stainless steel with integrated LED, dimmable.

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