Sculptural Collection

Peak Reflection

Finest crystal in complementary colors are framing the beauty of a wonderful Austrian white marble. The visible light-lines in the sea-blue crystal change their reflection depending on the angle and simply unite with the purple crystal to a single peak. Rough carved, satin finish, high-gloss polished.

Red Peak

The structure and beauty of all kinds of rock, created by massive energy, power and dynamics, is simply fascinating. For this piece we combined special semi-translucent red and clear optical crystal with a black Cambrian limestone with calcite veins (Kitzbüheler Alps)Contradiction and harmony serve as inspiration for creating a spectacular sculpture with the most beautiful contrasting materials.


Abstract mirror sculpture
Sculpture of crater with light reflection



Transparent sculpture on stone with pink, green and blue accents on the inside

Red Garnet

Blue Head

Black marble sculpture with glass in different shades of blue as well as green and orange highlights


Sculpture similar to "Red Peak" - red on top and black marble on the bottom but shaped like a flame

Quadro Colori

The variety of colors combined with the outstanding refraction of light within a crystal body is a recurrent inspiration for new creations. An intense conversation with a successful American businessman who wanted to change the company‘s corporate design after 25 years has led to this unique result. Each single cube represents its own symbolical importance, but only together they can be a successful whole. This sculpture is now on display in the headquarters in California, and its appearance finds itself again in the new corporate design.

Crystal Cube

Transparent cube with colorful unorganized shapes inside but the colorful part is more so on the bottom whereas the top is fairly transparent

Exploding Ice

Eagle Watching

Modern outdoor sculpture out of finest clear, blue and green color crystal, rock crystal and brushed stainless steel. All materials are carved, chiseled, brushed and polished. The indirect floor light is highlighting this sculpture in the evening.

Nature has always been a great inspiration for me. Thus I’m always grateful for any outdoor project so I can contribute to nature with a piece of my art.

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