Mirror and Wash Basin

The Circle

General Data

Austria, Show Room


Various beautiful stones (Kitzbühel Alps)
Diamond white mirror glass
rough carved crystal vessel
Limestone (Piasentina / Italy)

Exclusively created with the finest materials.

Hundreds of millions of years of nature’s versatile beauty represented in this wonderful architectural artwork in shape of a bathroom vanity. Rare alpine marble, olivine, crystalline gneiss, limestone, rock crystal and much more other types used show exactly the geological image of our alpine area as its origin story.

Natures elegancy embedded in a unique crystal compound, carved to its finest perfection and finished with a high gloss polished surface.

As creative mastermind of FS Architectural Art it is every time a honor for me working with the beauty of nature creating one of a kind esthetic and emotional driven projects telling a story.

Architectural art by Florian Schluifer with "The Circle"
Wash basin of the project "The Circle"

The Circle – a mirror different to anything else.

A circle is an infinite shape – so are the diamond carved organic shapes with LED background light. The inspiration of this particular pattern was discovered in a fascinating macro shot of a black Iceland lavastone.

The water drain of the oval shape glass vessel is precisely carved into the material itself – function and design oriented and free of any disruption.

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