Wildlife Collection

Explore a variety of exclusive glass and stone sculptures of animals in the wild.


Finest optical glass in various colors, crystal and volcanic crystal. Combined with most spectacular raw materials from all continents like gemstones, natural stones, petrified woods, petrified fossils, etc. (approx. 15-250 million years old)

Leopard Sculptures in different colors (red and blue) facing each other

Polar Bear

Confronted with a more limited space of living, with great respect the polar bear can still cope with the challenging changes. His movements seem to be lazy but in action an unbelievable power is released. What an inspiration for a wildlife sculpture reduced to its minimum.

Keeping up with the proportions carving a unique piece of art out of finest white marble from the Southern Alps (Austria) and arctic blue crystal.

Polar Bear Sculpture with marble/stone body and blue glass head
Abstract penguin sculpture with yellow neck


A fascinating creature in a black suit – can’t fly although it’s a bird but can dive deep although it’s not a fish.

Amazed by their family-oriented values and their ability to survive far away from any kind of civilization.

All this and more inspired me creating this stramlined emperor penguin sculpture out of wonderful materials. White Italian Carrara marble and a grey striped Austrian alpine marble, seamless combined with finest light conducting uranium crystal and black opaque glass.

An idea for a large penguin school piece of art would be a new motivation.

Abstract sculpture of dolphin with a bright white/green stone and marble body and colorful striped top.


As special in its streamlined body shape as the penguin. Crafted out of a beautiful blue marble from Brazil called Azul Macauba and an ensemble of various blue-color-, optical- and finest light conducting uranium crystal. The brushed stainless steel completes the sculpture and acts as its base.


Interpreting the “hidden prince” – harmonious matched colors or complementary – just eyecatching. As always – finest raw materials used – natural stones, gemstones, semi-precious materials, petrified woods, finest crystal

Frog Sculptures, different images providing different colors in green, yellow and blue
Very abstract cat sculpture with a blue glass head and marble/stone body

Proud Cat

Untouchable in its elegance – a challenge shaping the body reducing all details to the minimum. Proportional perfect in its golden cut, harmonic in the color combination highlighted by the azul-blue optical crystal head which seems to tranfer its blue color to the blue Brazilian marbles veins.

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