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Florian Schluifer

Artist and Designer Florian Schluifer holding one of his precious raw materials: glass

Austrian designer with passion for functional aesthetics.

Creating original pieces of art and finding new, innovative methods for doing so, is a constant but welcome challenge and deep fulfillment at the same time.
Being open for new possibilities has been inspiring me several times over the years. My greatest inspiration is nature in all its magnificence and beauty, with its diversity of color and forms. Also, architectural masterpieces are so fascinating to me that they trigger explosive visions and new ideas for my future projects.

The artist Florian Schluifer cutting through transparent stone

Rewriting tradition from 1963.

Being the proud son of one of the best, world renowned glass artists, all of my childhood and adult years were accompanied by art and creativity. I am deeply grateful to my father Gernot for introducing me to various artistic, creative work processes and especially to working with the highly sensitive material glass from early on.

Together with my wife and our three adorable children I live in the wonderful town of Kirchdorf in Tirol, surrounded by the beautiful landscape of the famous Kitzbühel Alps in Austria / Europe. These natural surroundings inspire me to create unique and outstanding design pieces.

Developing my expertise in combining finest materials into architectural products.

GLASS – universal and innovative like no other material. After decades of intensive process development Atelier Schluifer invented a one of a kind technique to combine this highly sensitive material with an array of natural materials. Focusing on unique handmade objects, Atelier Schluifer has made it possible to create individual masterpieces.

In second generation, Florian Schluifer has taken a completely new direction in glass art. Apart from sculptural art he now mainly focuses on one of his favorite areas of expertise, so- called architectural art. This involves elements which are designed and made to be anintegrative, artistic and functional component within a room.

Thus, unique and beautiful works of art are harmoniously created out of finest glass and precious natural materials in the artist’s studio.

Creating unique experiences all around the world:
USA, UAE, Canada, South America, Japan, South Africa, all of Europe – mainly Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Austria, UK, and many more.

Quote about the Artist
Florian is a very determined man making decisions and implementing them according to his possibilities. Many times he questions facts and situations, constantly being on the lookout for new, innovative solutions to problems in order to break new ground – and successfully so. He is innovative, creative, respectful, empathic, articulate, family oriented and competent.

Feel the beauty of fully natural materials.

In architectural and sculptural art, glass is seen to give an unmatched fine brilliance to the workpiece and is therefore considered to be a formidable element. Due to the refraction of light in a three dimensional crystal body the beholder gets enchanted by a stunning visual phenomenon. By looking at a glass workpiece from different angles, you’ll notice multiple reflections that give the recipient so much room to embrace their fantasy.

The value of natural materials is priceless due to nature’s uniqueness. Precious stones, semi-precious stones, natural stones as well as petrified woods in all their glory touch our senses. Moreover they have a scientifically proven effect on humans.

History of glass.

Glass had existed even before humans fabricated it. It evolved naturally when quartz sand was melted through high heat, e.g. volcanic eruptions or lightening strikes over sandy areas.

It is one of the most sensitive and most ancient materials in existence. Because of its fracture properties volcanic glass (obsidian) was already used in the Stone Age to create tools and weapons. These days glass has an enormous range of uses. It has become indispensable especially in the technical, optical, medical, and chemical industries. What is more, glass is a dominating material, influencing every shaping and interpretation of modern architecture all over the world.

Words from the designer

“The creative process always starts with one of my ideas. During the realization I am experiencing exciting challenges that have to be mastered. That’s why every creation is special and meaningful and that’s what I really love.”

Florian Schluifer

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