Here’s our FAQ section where we answer the frequently asked questions. If you think, there’s something missing or can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please contact us. We’re always happy to answer your questions.

What do I need to start a project with you?2023-01-18T10:32:41+00:00

Motivation to contact me now and a clear commitment. Just be open minded, communicative and let’s briefly talk about the details!

Do you travel internationally for your projects?2023-01-18T10:39:25+00:00

Yes, absolutely! I’ve visited many different countries for architectural and sculptural projects as well as exhibitions such as USA, UAE, Canada, South America, Japan, South Africa, all of Europe – mainly Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Austria, UK, and many more.

How long does a project take from start to finish?2023-01-18T10:36:24+00:00

That’s difficult to say without knowing what the project is about. Given fact is that everything is customized, so in general the lead time is depending on factors like the size, volume, complexity of the design, complexity of the project itself, the speciality of materials used, etc. As I only work with the finest materials, the sourcing is a very sensitive process and requires a lot of thought and research but our inhouse experience since 1963 never disappoints us or our customers! Feel free to contact me so we can talk about your idea. I’ll give you an overview and possible duration of the project.

Which materials do you work with?2023-01-18T10:39:06+00:00

I work exclusively with high quality natural materials, but mainly focus on glass, crystals and stone. Thanks to my cooperation partners I also have the great opportunity to incorporate other materials into my work and complete product design such as wood, metal and other natural materials.

Can I contact you for a large-scale project?2023-01-18T10:36:54+00:00

Yes, definitely. I am all for large-scale projects, just contact me.

Do you design entire rooms?2023-01-18T10:33:24+00:00

Yes of course – me and my team will design your entire room, will take over the challenge and transform your room into a unique experience. In addition to that, we can also assist you in realizing given ideas or concepts.

What happens if the installation needs to be repaired?2023-01-18T10:38:07+00:00

You can always reach out to me and my team. In general installations are perfectly manufactured, tested and installed by me and my team. Over the years, we have never had any issues. Of course, external influence as well as man made and nature made damages may happen. In case of such an issue, we will professionally analyze it and setup a restoration and implementation plan.

How do I know the installation will be safe?2022-12-11T13:38:51+00:00

You can trust in our knowledge and expertise that’s been developed since 1963. Feel free to browse to the project section to learn more about our work.

Which dimensions are possible for sculptures?2022-12-11T10:08:40+00:00

Everything is scalable and customizable. Whether you’re looking for a very small sculpture or a huge installation, even for outdoor use. There are no limits to our imagination!

Do you also offer outdoor sculptures?2022-12-11T10:08:57+00:00

Yes, of course! I also offer outdoor architectural design products.

Do you also execute finished designs?2022-12-11T10:09:12+00:00

Yes, if you’re a designer or already have finished drafts, looking for a manufacturer, feel free to contact me, preferably through the contact form on this site.

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