FS for special occasions

Looking for a unique gift?

The bottom of the FS glassware has a unique marble pattern with an abstract animal imprint

Beautiful glassware for special occasions & unique gift ideas.

When we celebrate with our loved ones, our valuable business partners or our best friends, we naturally want to show them how much they mean to us with a small or large gesture. Our glassware is perfect for those occasions. No matter if it’s for a whiskey or wine lover, someone who doesn’t drink at all or someone who just loves décor – the FS glassware is sure to make a stunning impression.

For you.

Glassware is a special gift idea eitherway – but unique and personalized glasses produced with the finest materials raises the value of your gift to the sky.

There are endless possibilities how to shape and design glasses. With the combination of stone, these possibilities multiply. Just contact us, you will find the contact information a little further down this page.

Different pattern of the FS glassware with green and white marble patterns as well as typography embossing of the letters JF
Bottle and glass design by FS
For your business partners. For your best friends. For your loved ones. For your parents. For you.

Made with the highest quality materials.

It’s important to us that these special products not only look unique, but are also made with the most unique and awesome materials. We only work with high quality materials such as precious stones, the finest crystal glass, and real silver and gold. This gift will truly be extraordinary to your loved ones, friends or business partners!

Elegant glassware packaging by FS

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